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Words and pictures of emotion
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Most of it is poetry, there are some songs and a story extract, and a few rubbish bits of art in my scrap books, all my poetry is made completly out of the blue, no insperation, just anything that comes to mind basically, so, if there is anything that might make a good poem, then feel free to tell me, thats if you want me to write the poem anyway, if not then don't tell me, simple as, any critics who have anything to say please don't leave a comment.
that would be much apprecitated.


I like a variety of things, whether it be art, poetry, stories, ECT, it all intrests me, unless it's not my taste, so yeah, please don't offended, if I don't add things to favourites :|





A poem about my EX

You made me mad
you got all rude
you think your big
but in theory your

You use foul words
fool everyone with
your fake front facade
inside your like the rest

your hurtful and mean
you break those around you
making them fall down
like a domino run

you shattered us
like fragile mirrors
then break the already
broken pieces even more

you move on fast
you use others
for selfish rebound
not caring if they get hurt
Once songs of happiness
Now there songs of pain

A song about what was once
Deep, caring and happy Love
Now a song of gut tearing dispair

Songs of many close friendships
Friendships strong and true
Now of a song of betrayal and lies

Songs of Happy, caring families
filled with love, torn apart
A song about Broken family bonds

Many happy songs, I now despise
with my blackened, ripped up heart
My once tear stained eyes, clean
I glare at happiness and such
wishing happiness would just disappear
Once songs of happiness Now there songs of pain
This is a bit depressing, and quite short for me, wow
anyway, I hope you all like it
Agonising End

As she lays there in the rain
Abandoned, beaten and broken
Blood escaping her many wounds
that decorate her pale body

She tries to cry out to someone
by Agony takes her words away
No one hears her pleas of help
No one can see her end nearing

Bleeding out of vast amount
Staining the Cold, gery ground
of the alley she was hidden in
she was attacked and left to die in

She cries and cries tears on anguish
No one would know she would be gone
no one left on earth for her soul
No one to care that she was taken

As she tries to cry out a last time
a shadow figure appears befor her
hooded, cold and darkness shrouded it
she knew her end was nearing fast
Her agonising, Lonely Demise was here
Agonising End
Very depressing I know, but hey, I'm back and as depressing as ever people, hahaha, I am a depressing pet after all
Elemental Sisters and
the Monster King

As the elemental sisters flee
Though the buring  vast Forest
With the monster King close by
Tears flowing freely with loss
Of their parents who saved them

They evade him by hiding themselves
He tuts but leaves them behind
Not afaird of his evil plans
Being foiled by scared little girls
Little does he know, how things change

As the months fly by, the girls grow strong
as they take the battle of the monster king
They fight with their everything, their all
They free the land from shrouding darkness
The land full of magic, calmness and peace

Their Parents mission ended and complete
By their own Daughters, who avenged them too
They stand together and reamining strong
Stand beside the defeated monster King
Who cries at his foiled evil Plans
Foild by two teenage girls
Elemental Sisters and Monster King
I might turn these character into a story, but I'll see what you all think
if you like it, and want a story on this, just leave a comment saying so
anyway, I hope you guys like the Poem I made for the two characters anyway
Hi everyone
I know I haven't posted much for a while, or even been online, I'm sort about that.
I have been very busy with college and other things, But I hope to be able to post a lot more now.
no promises, but I'll try my best 
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Lexie Michaelis
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
I'm Cressalia242 and I enjoy typing up my poetry, I don't really care if you like it or not, but if you don't then don't comment

Favourite genre of music: rock

Favourite photographer: *TheDarkenedBride

Favourite style of art: anime and manga

MP3 player of choice: Walkman

Personal Quotes:
Words are the key to unlocking your dreams and emotions, they remind us to keep going, even when we feel all hope is lost, but we must keep fighting onward.
Never allow fear to take over, Defeat it, by facing it and saying that you aren't afraid anymore.

Keep smiling, even when you don't want to, this is a way of showing you are strong, even when you are hurting deep inside yourself.

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